Material for Antoine Chambert-Loir’s course
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Material for Antoine Chambert-Loir’s course

The problems are available here!

The slides of the talk are available here!

Here is the video of the lecture:

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  1. Hoang

    I believe in 1.1 a), n is just a number right?

  2. Catherine Goldstein

    Yes! The point is to prove that if an integer satisfies this congruence, one of its prime factors too. It would be a bit easy if n is supposed to be a prime:) Well done.

  3. To the students, a general comment about the exercises: there are a lot of them, they may be too hard, or too classic. Please send comments or remarks, if you have any concern!

  4. Aaghaz

    Hello! I am logged in, but I can’t see the problems.

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