Video and problems for Catherine Goldstein’s course

Video and problems for Catherine Goldstein’s course

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Here is the video of the lecture:

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  1. Art

    Hi professor Goldstein!
    I just wanted to ask if you could send a link (of the problems) via comment, because I’m having the same technical issue like in the Post of prof. Antoine Chambert-Loir, where it doesn’t appear anything else, just “You need to be logged in to see this post.”, eve though I’m logged in.
    Thank you, and I’ll appreciate it very much.
    Greetings, Art!

  2. Catherine Goldstein

    Apparently, to see the exercises, you need to be an official student for the session of exercises. We will try to make them accessible for everyone, Meanwhile I have sent them directly (and will do that again if others need them). All the best, Catherine

  3. neva

    Good morning Professor,

    Just as Art posted above : although being logged in, I can’t see any any posted pdfs or any other related materials to download appearing on this post.
    Could someone please help us resolve this issue?

    Thanks in advance & regards,

  4. Catherine Goldstein

    Attention, as Theo just pointed out, there is a misprint on page 5, the congruences with the powers of 2 should be modulo 5, not modulo 4. You can try to see what happens modulo 4! Sorry.

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